three way manifold

three way manifold
Gauges used for testing refrigerant pressures.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Air conditioning as well as heating units can easily suck up more than 50% of your household energy usage and, with units working overtime to keep you cool this summer, it might be time for you to perform a couple of efficiency tests to see if the systems should be fixed or replaced. Working with All Seasons HVAC can help you save a bundle on your energy costs.

Generally speaking, Air conditioning and heater systems that are over a decade old are 20-30% less efficient as newer energy-saver models. Brand name units are 'Energy-Star' certified, meaning they are ultra-efficient and can help you save up to 20% per month on power bills. Add to that new unit innovations in comfort that reduce noise and vibration, eliminate breezes and temperature swings, and are available with prolonged warranties that will save you big money on repairs, and you can start to see all the advantages of improving your system today through All Seasons HVAC.
Heating, ventilation, as well as air conditioning systems (HVAC) provide you with the latest in residential and commercial comfort and help maintain proper airflow and climate control throughout homes and office buildings. AC replacement also can keep these spaces free from mold and other harmful organisms that can leak through old systems.

And finally, while you're certainly setting yourself up to help save a bundle on your power bill, you'll also be saving the environment as well. These energy-reducing replacements cut down not only on the amount of fossil fuel you consume, but also on your carbon footprint and actual household emissions.
Typically, most consumers arrange for periodic check-ups to ensure everything is in working order. A spring and fall check-up with All Seasons HVAC should suffice. Small problems do pop up every so often, more so when the unit gets old. Nevertheless, these issues could be taken care of quickly and with little cost if they are identified early on by using All Seasons HVAC you can catch these problems in time.

Some of the recurring actions performed by service personnel include:

- Cleaning filter systems: Removing debris and dust from your unit requires more than just looking at the interior pads. It is necessary to examine the ducts and vents too. This protects the entire system from all the potential problems that could come up. Clogs ought to be flushed in order to prevent blockages. When vents are cleaned thoroughly, effectiveness also goes up. Along with this, it is crucial to clean the area surrounding the unit.

- Tuning up: Regular tune-ups ensure that the unit is working at optimum capacity and delivering the right output. Tune-ups generally include measurement of airflow, making adjustments in refrigerant charge, testing the efficiency of the capacitor, checking levels of Freon and so on. All the coils and wires are also checked out for rust, wear and tear. Following a proper tune-up, the air conditioning unit becomes re-energized and it starts to work at its optimal capacity.

Even though some people leave off air condition repairs  until problems arise, other people invest in normal maintenance. Repair must be performed by trained professionals such as All Seasons Comfort who have the following skills:

- Preventative maintenance
- Diagnosing and fixing problems with heating and cooling systems
- Replacement of parts
- Regular tuning up of units
- Unit control adjustments
- Onsite analysis

It is necessary to hire trained HVAC professionals such as the ones at All Seasons.  Dealing with electrical appliances can be hazardous. For example, releasing burnt refrigerant into the air may have dangerous repercussions. Having a trained professional on the job ensures safety as well as quality work.

Contact All Seasons Comfort today for all your heat and air conditioning needs!

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