three way manifold

three way manifold
Gauges used for testing refrigerant pressures.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Super High Effciency Central Air Systems

This past week, I was visiting a couple's house to talk about a new air conditioning unit.  They are interested in having the best unit on the market installed in their home.  We discussed what I feel is the best unit in the market.  Of course, there are probably some Carrier fans who will argue that the Carrier Infinity Series is the best.  But the Infinity Series is still limited to a 21 SEER unit the way I understand it.

The unit I discussed with these people is built by Nordyne and is sold under a few different names including Frigidaire, Westinghouse, Tappan and Maytag.  Each of these brands have the identical units with different name tags on them.  To learn more about these units and how they work, follow the link below.

My company, All Seasons Comfort is a Frigidaire dealer and can install one or more of these units in your home in less than a day (if they are in stock at the dealer warehouse). 

Please visit our website at:  We'll show up quickly, solve your problems, and not charge you too much money to do it.


  1. Hi,

    I believe that most of the split system air conditioner unit that came out of the market are very high energy efficient as we might think.


    1. Depending on the type of system we talk about, high efficiency is going to be defined a little bit differently.

      When we talk about the split systems, high efficiency starts at about 16 SEER and goes up to about 24 SEER. That's why you will find tax credits and energy rebates available for those units.

      On the other hand, window units and such have a lower efficiency associated with them. If a window unit has an Energy Star rating, it's considered high efficiency. That doesn't really compare to the larger systems though.

      Then geothermal heat pumps and chilled water systems are far more efficient than the split systems we were talking about, but the cost to use something like that in your home is prohibitive.

      When it all comes down to it, we have to balance the up front cost with the long term savings we will get from going high efficiency.