three way manifold

three way manifold
Gauges used for testing refrigerant pressures.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Household Heat and Air

Air conditioners have become an essential part of many households and there are a variety of air conditioners available on the market for different prices, serving different purposes and under different brand names.

Buying an AC is not at all difficult, considering how many companies selling them these days. The tougher task is the installation once the unit has been purchased. This is where the professionals at All Seasons Comfort, can help you with proper installation.   Correct installation is very important, as it has quite a bearing on the actual effect of the air conditioner. Incorrect installation can lead to high electricity bills, poor cooling air circulation, as well as maintenance problems.

Many studies have proven that air conditioners that are improperly installed reduce capacity and efficiency by more than twenty percent. Incorrect airflow problems are another common problem with improper AC installations. By using All Seasons HVAC you are certain to get the quality service you deserve at very reasonable prices. At All Seasons HVAC their core values are honesty, fairness, quality, craftsmanship, knowledge and experience. Heating and air conditioning are two things that many modern homeowners can't do without, but what many homeowners don't spend much time thinking about is how this complex system keeps them warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months.

When talking about home heating or anything related to air conditioning, you could be referring to any device that provides your home with either hot or cold air in a given situation. In recent years, there has been a rise in the devices available to homeowners to not only keep them comfortable, but be more efficient while doing it.

This increased efficiency is a good thing to have simply because they deliver the same level of either hot or cold air into the home while, at the same time, using less power. This lowered power consumption means that your utility bills will be lower because you aren't using as much gas or electricity in order to keep these devices operational.

The heating side of heating and air conditioning deals with devices like gas or electric based hot air furnaces, electric heating systems and boilers in order to keep a family's home warm when the temperature outside drops.

No matter what kind of system your home uses to provide warm air, it's important to keep the system running at all times. By resorting to preventative maintenance, you not only dramatically lower the chance that some unforeseen issue will happen, causing your home's heating to die out just when you need it, but you can prolong the life of the system as well.

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your home's heating system can include performing tasks like checking the compressors and coils for leaks, cleaning the coils if necessary and replacing air filters. Beyond these things, you can also increase the life of your heating system by making sure that all motors and fans are working properly.

Another important aspect of heating and air conditioning maintenance is to make sure that all wiring and controls are functioning properly. Those that aren't could short out and damage the whole system. Heat pumps and exchangers are two other important components of your heating system that should be checked and maintained regularly in order to assure that the system is working at maximum efficiency. Many of the same rules that you would follow in heating maintenance apply to air conditioning maintenance as well.

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